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What are mailing bags

Mailing bags are plastic, usually polythene, bags designed to protect and deliver products through the post. Plastic mailing bags are lightweight, economic and water resistant. A elegant and secure way of sending your goods or letters.

types of mailing bags

  1. Clear Polythene Mailers:
    • White poly backing for labeling and postage.
    • Instant exposure for your catalogs and promotional mailing pieces.
    • With pre-printed address window
    • Clear poly front allows for easy viewing of contents.

  2. Self-Seal Polythene Mailers:
    • Tamper resistant.
    • Lightweight, saves on postage.
    • Ink, stamps and labels adhere easily.
    • High strength seams allow over-stuffing.
    • Water resistant.
    • Perforated tear-strip for easy opening.
    • Tough, tear-proof polyolefin envelopes.

  3. Opauqe Mail order bags:
    • Eye-catching, waterproof envelopes make mail pieces and promotions stand out.
    • Your product will be opened immediately with these high gloss mailers.
    • Long-side opening has peel-and-seal strip to make closure easy. Gold and blue mailers are opaque; silver material is translucent.

  4. Bubble-Lined Polyolefin Mailers:
    • Water-resistant and tear-proof mailer protects delicate products.
    • 3/16" bubble lining gently cushions and protects on the inside.
    • Extra smooth surface is perfect for handwriting or labeling.

  5. Self-Seal Jiffylite Bubble Mailers or Featherpost Jiffylite mailers:
    • Lightest weight mailer available. Save enough postage to nearly pay for the bag.

  6. Metallic Mailers:
    • Dramatically increase your mailing piece response rate.
    • Metallized envelopes have self-seal closure with lip.
    • Durable, waterproof 280 Gauge.

  7. Tamper-Evident Security Mailing Envelopes:

There are also options for mailing and courier bags they are:

  1. Mailing envelopes with write on panels
  2. Mailing envelopes with self seal - peel off strip for a permanent seal
  3. Clear or Colored
  4. Plain or Printed

Benefits of Mailing bags

  1. Mailing bags look professional
  2. Mailing bags protect your product
  3. Mailing bags are available in many sizes types, styles, and with different types of cushioning
  4. Mailing bags are customer friendly
  5. Mailing bags are attractive - can be custom printed in large quantities
  6. Mailing bags are reusable
  7. Mailing bags are useful for fragile items

Eco-friendly plastic mailers

For those concerned about plastic and the environment, they will be glad to know there are eco-friendly versions of polythene mailing bags and plastic envelopes that come with all of the same benefits and features. These polythene mailers are made of thin gauge high density plastic and are degradable. Meaning they will easily brake down and therefore better for the environment. These eco-friendly mailers are becoming popular in countries in which polythene bags were either previously banned or restricted. They are definitely the way to go if you have any environmental concerns about the use of these mailing bags.